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Welcome to Underwood Consulting

Underwood Consulting is an independent consulting company dedicated to helping health care professionals provide the highest quality of patient testing and care.

Scientist with Microscope
Chemistry Class
Safety Goggles

Our Services

  • Complete A-Z laboratory set-up

  • Ongoing remote assistance including scheduled on-site visits

  • COLA/CAP/CLIA/State inspection preparation & clean-up

  • Complete set of customized SOPs and Policy & Procedure
    Manuals including organized document control systems

  • On-site Comprehensive Compliance Assessment &
    Recommendations (Audit)


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Lab Experiments

Our Vision

Our vision is to fulfill the growing demand for a national network connecting healthcare professionals and businesses to expert lab consultants and lab directors, supported by comprehensive, customized systems and protocols to ensure compliance and efficiency in laboratories nationwide.


"Your labs are always a pleasure to survey because you have fantastic materials, and the documentation is so well organized."

Anonymous Inspector

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